Call History
Natural Gas Investigation - Borough of Liberty
Mon. Apr 19th 2021

At 1300hrs this afternoon Liberty Borough Police were out on routine patrol and discovered a odor of natural gas in the 400 Block of Glenn Avenue. The police immediately radioed into the 911 center requesting the fire department activated. Upon arrival of the fire department, crews began checking the immediate area while the police were being told that the odor was traveling as residents reported an odor from other streets. Station 237 was requested to the scene due to Glenn Avenue being a jurisdictional split between Liberty and Port Vue. The gas company arrived checking the area while the fire departments were released and returned in service around 1500hrs.

Command: Chief 183 (C. Derr)

Companies Operating: 183,237,LIBPD,Gas Company

38 entries in the Call History

38 entries in the Call History

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