Call History
Grease Fire - Borough of Liberty
Thu. Aug 6th 2020

Just after 1930 this evening while crews were wrapping up drill, the 1st alarm assignment was transmitted for a possible house fire in the 3200 Block of Oakland Drive in the borough. A neighbor  reported she could see a fire visible through a window of home on Oakland Drive. 183 Engine arrived reporting nothing showing from 3 sides, crews will be out investigating. As personnel approached the home, they were meant by the resident who reported a grease fire that was extinguished. Interior crews checked the home with a thermal imaging camera and requested a blower for ventilation. Negative extension was reported from the interior crews and the alarm was scaled back to 183 and 161 returning the balance of the assignment. Home was vented and turned back over to the resident, command terminated.

Command: 183 Captain (C. Molinaro)

Companies Alerted: 183,161,184,237, 294(RIT), EMS600, LBPD

37 entries in the Call History

37 entries in the Call History

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