Call History
Smoke in a Structure - Borough of Glassport
Sun. Jun 7th 2020

Just after 13:15 this afternoon the 1st alarm assignment was transmitted for smoke in the basement of a dwelling in the 400 block of Ohio Avenue in Glassport. GLAPD arrived on scene confirming a smoke condition with a unknown source at this time. 161 chief arrived assuming the command and requested 161 truck to side alpha stretching a dry line for now. Additional resources arrived discovering a small fire burning in a crawl space under the rear porch with some extension to the under side of the siding. The siding was removed and the area was wet down to prevent any further damage/spread. Ventilation was initiated and units were released with the exception of 161. The incident is currently under investigation by the Allegheny County Fire Marshal's Office for cause/origin.

Command: 161 Chief (B, Snyir)

Companies Operating: 161, 123, 183, 190, 294(RIT), EMS620, GLAPD, ACFM

37 entries in the Call History

37 entries in the Call History

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