Call History
Vehicle Crash w/Entrapment - Borough of Lincoln
Fri. Feb 28th 2020

Just before 5:00pm this evening crews were alerted to the intersection of Lincoln Blvd and Bellbridge Rd for a 2 vehicle crash, 1 reported to be trapped. Chief 139 arrived, confirmed 1 trapped in the  4 door car after a T-Bone type collision.  The driver of the car was complaining of neck and arm pain while the driver of the 2nd vehicle was self extricated and denying injury. Rescue 139 arrived, stabilized the vehicle and started the door removal process. Crews from Rescue 183 arrived and assisted with the removal of the patient, hazard control and traffic control. Units operated on scene for approximately 25 minutes before being released.

Command: 184 Chief

Companies Operating: 139,183,184,EMS600 and LINPD

37 entries in the Call History

37 entries in the Call History

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