Call History
Vehicle Crash - Borough of Lincoln
Thu. Sep 27th 2018

Around 10:30pm this evening crews were alerted to the 2500 Block of Lincoln Blvd. in Lincoln Borough for a vehicle crash involving a tri-axle dump truck. 139 rescue arrived reporting a passenger car into the rear dump area of the truck. Crews from 184/183 arrived finding a sedan partially under the rear of a raised dump bed, negative entrapment. Apparently the dump truck pulled out from the facilities lot with it's dump bed raised causing the vehicle to become entangled in overhead utility wires. A passenger car apparently did not see the truck and slammed into the rear of the dump. The truck operator exited to check on injuries, the front of the dump truck was then struck by a passing pick up truck which fled from the scene. Fire department personnel blocked traffic while waiting on utility companies to arrive and secure the wires. The car was towed from the scene, its occupants were transported to a local hospital for evaluation and the dump truck was moved back into the adjacent lot. A large amount of hydraulic fluid was cleaned up from the road and companies were placed back in service.

Command: 184 Chief (D. Bertok)

Companies On Scene: 139,183,184,161 (traffic control at the Clairton Bridge)

32 entries in the Call History

32 entries in the Call History

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