Call History
Lightning Strike - Borough of Lincoln
Mon. Aug 13th 2018

Just before 2pm this afternoon crews were alerted to the 3800 block of Mclean Drive in Lincoln Borough for a house that was possibly struck by lightning. Crews arrived and began investigating in and around the home. The resident reported hearing a loud crash type sound and possibly a light haze of smoke. Crews checked the roof, around the exterior of the home and the interior. A small, what looked to be burn hole was located in one of the bedrooms, but no smoke or fire was found after running a camera through the house. Resident has a lightning rod installed and it appears that took the hit. Crews were placed back in service.

Command: 184 Chief D. Bertok

Companies Operating: 183, 184, 237

32 entries in the Call History

32 entries in the Call History

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